Thank you, Joy! In one hour, you clarified the mysterious difference between selling and effective networking. You helped me identify the heart and passion in what I do, and showed me how to demonstrate them in ways that reach and move others. My networking goals - and those for my speaking and writing - are now clear and attainable.
Isabel L. Kersen, PhD, President, The Power Edge

Testimonials - Networking

Consultations, Workshops, Classes

Joy, you are amazing.

I just want to THANK YOU for your wonderful and well-targeted talk to the New York Wedding Group. I truly appreciated your being willing to share your wisdom. :-) Everyone really enjoyed your talk and got a lot out of it. A memo went around to our board members from Arlene telling everyone what a great speaker you are.

I can't thank you enough.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, New York Wedding Group - New York


You really sparked my interest in networking. I’ve decided to do it seriously but intelligently...I liked your ideas and I feel they’ve awoken a whole new range of possibilities for me. Thank you!

Brian Martin, Toronto

I wanted to tell you how happy we have been with the networking seminars that you have been giving for us. We have received many praises from the students who have attended your events.

As you know, because of word of mouth, your events have been so successful we have had to schedule more dates. Many of your classes have been selling out.

You are a true professional. Your lectures are very informative, witty and compelling. I have heard great comments from the representatives of our other Learning Annexes across the country in regard to your past five-city tour.

I have heard that students who have attended your lectures have gone on to obtain positions in their fields. It really does prove that networking really works.

Paul Scott Adamo, Director, The Learning Annex - New York

Personal Consultations

Joy came to my rescue by asking targeted questions to better understand my fears as well as my goals. She immediately provided insight into who I should contact, the best mode of communication, what to say and how to say it! Most importantly she tailored her feedback to my specific situation and gave concrete examples of both written and verbal approaches to networking.

She helped me develop a simple and open dialogue that was comfortable for me and non-threatening to the listener. She is a quick study who is empathetic, knowledgeable and has great insight into people and the art of communication. I would highly recommend Joy who has given me the confidence and tools to successfully utilize the “power of networking”!

Nancy L. Miller, CMP, East Hanover, New Jersey

Workshops - Training - Seminar Clients

This is a quick note to express my appreciation for your seminar, “The Art of Networking”. You are an incredibly effective and powerful speaker.

Cheryl A. Muszynski, M.D., Beth Israel Medical Center

Thank you for presenting your networking seminar to our group. We were amazed at the wealth of information you presented in such a short time period. The way you shared your own life experiences with us really got the points across! We have heard from numerous participants of the fabulous results they are achieving through applying what they learned in those few hours with you.

We would recommend this seminar to anyone committed to learning what networking is about and how to use it to achieve incredible results in any area of their lives.

Barbara and Glenn Smyly, The Alivening Project - New Jersey

Thank you for your expertise as a workshop presenter. I know I can always count on you to present a dynamic, smooth, professional and fun workshop to groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

It would be wrong for me to close without acknowledging your incredible networking skills. You have truly been instrumental in connecting many people and businesses with your unlimited resources and intuitive talents. Your dedication to the success of others is purely selfless and sincere! A leadership quality hard to find. Amazing!

Dena Moscola, Founder and President, Resolutions Training and Coaching, Denville, New Jersey

I wanted to thank you again for your great seminar. You gave us all so much information. I know what I’ve learned will help me for many years to come. Thank you.

Kim Armstrong, San Francisco
Keynote Speaker