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Because we end up with so much cross over between the entertainment business network participants and our regular business network, we are going to combine the two groups. I have also found there are so many who operate in both worlds as well that it makes sense to do one meeting. So everyone in entertainment can feel more than welcome joining our Tuesday night group.


I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance at your networking events.

As the owner of an engineering firm, networking groups do not often provide me with a direct benefit by way of referrals. However, as a result of attending your events, I have realized several rewards that have proven to be even more beneficial than a few referrals. By following your tips, I have learned to network more effectively. Through developing relationships within the groups I have met many new dynamic professionals that have been very willing to help me in any way possible. As you may recall, one week I stated that I was looking for a good accountant and another week I mentioned the need for help with freelance drafting. From your group I received recommendations for two well qualified individuals in each category.

Additionally, I now have a network of colleagues that are keeping their eyes out for additional opportunities for me including identifying educational seminars and additional networking events specific to my industry that I would not have otherwise been aware of. For example, one of the group members recently mailed me an ad from his local newspaper for a seminar that I otherwise would not have been aware of. At the seminar I met many excellent new contacts and developed some new ideas for potential new business opportunities. A second example occurred when I attended an educational seminar hosted by a group member. At this seminar I met a gentleman who referred me to a potential client that called this week with three projects. These would not have happened without your groups and instruction.

Thank you.


Brian P. Sullivan, P.E.



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Wayne, NJ 07470

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"I can only speak for myself, but you never know

what may come from a single networking meeting.

As a performer who works alone, this is a great

place to work on new marketing ideas and make

contacts.” Jonathan Blair

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