Celebrating our 5th Year!


Network with us in Wayne

Join us at the bar every other Tuesday evening at 6:00 PM to network and socialize. At 6:30 we sit for formal networking including formal introductions and facilitated conversation.

Each event you have the opportunity to ask for something specific you need. We are finished by 8:00 PM but people can stay and enjoy each other the rest of the evening at a very gracious setting. Hors d’oeuvres are included. Price for the evening is $15. Cash bar.

Each event is a different mix of attendees. The only consistency is that they are all nice people and most are generous with their help.

Schedule: October 9 and 23, November 6 and 20, etc.

(Mark your calendars for every other Tuesday so you won’t miss an opportunity to connect with those in attendance.)

Cocktails, Conversation and Collaboration

I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to join your networking group tonight. I thought the meeting was very well organized and well run and I was happy to attend. I have definitely become a believer in the power of networking and I am always happy to do so especially if it can help my business and help me to advance in my career.

Everyone in the group was extremely nice and willing to help. I hope that I am able to provide them with references as they come to me. I look forward to networking with you and other members of the group in the future. Thank you.

Brian Miller, Special Projects Coordinator

Aflac NY




Join us on LinkedIn, where Express Success Network has a place for all to connect online. Feel free to introduce yourself there, ask for things you need and discuss things as you desire. We are all about helping each other as we can.